Adult/Baby Digital Body Thermometer

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  1. Fast temperature measurement: measurement time <1 second.
  2. Dual-mode temperature measurement: It can measure human body temperature / material temperature / water temperature / ambient temperature.
  3. Temperature alarm: The user can freely set the alarm temperature according to his own situation.
  4. Unit conversion: Celsius and Fahrenheit can be converted between different countries and regions.
  5. Storage data: Store 32 sets of measurement data, which is convenient for individual and multi-person analysis and comparison.
  6. Large-screen display: Large-screen LCD display, white backlight, can be clearly displayed under any light.
  7. Easy-to-use power-saving: One-button measurement, simple and convenient operation; automatic power-saving shutdown for 15 seconds without operation.
  8. Ultra-long life: Install 2 AA batteries, can be used more than 100,000 times, and the service life of the product is> 3 million times.
  9. Muti-fuction Baby/Adult 


  1. Fast temperature measurement, large screen, alarm, long life.
  2. Home temperature measuring tools.
  3. Large-screen display: Large-screen LCD display, white backlight, can clearly display the measured value under any light.
  4. Modification of settings: You can modify the setting parameters to adapt to the medical temperature measurement system in different countries (for people with different skin colors)
  5. Infrared measurement: It only measures the infrared radiation signal emitted by the human body, and does not touch the human skin, which is harmless to the human body.



  • Color: white
  • Product size: 150 * 95 * 44mm (LxWxH)
  • Color box size: 105*60*171mm
  • Machine weight: 150g (including packaging)
  • Bare metal weight: 110g
  • Measurement range: body temperature mode 32 ℃ -42.9 ℃
  • Surface mode 0 ℃ -100 ℃
  • Weight: 8-9KG
  • Accurate: ± 0.2 ℃ in the range of 35 ℃ -42 ℃ ± 0.3 ℃ outside the range of 35 ℃ -42 ℃ The measurement deviation is ≤ ± 0.3 degrees. (Using imported infrared detection system)


Package Includes: 

1 x forehead thermometer

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